Leaving the island…but always with the Japanese in our hearts and mind…



Thanks to all of you for your love and support. God uses a wide variety of people, gifts, and resources to spread his net of love over these dear people.  Until next time….thanks for your continued prayer and love.

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Goodbye…for now….


This is the sixth time that Mark and I have said good-bye to so many special people at Umeyacho Church as well as to other friends and acquaintances. One of our main purposes in coming to Japan each time is to encourage the Japanese Christians. There are so many ways in which their lives are difficult. It would take more energy than my jet-lagged body has right now to write of the challenges they face. However, we were encouraged by the honest sharing by various individuals, thankful for the new friends we made, and grateful that God is in the midst of life here in Japan. We continue to pray for revival in the hearts and minds of the Japanese people.

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Parting Gifts

Mark had hoped to make this nativity crech with Shinobu Sensei, our wonderful brother who is the senior Watanabe (a retired pastor). However, he and his wife went to spend time with their daughter in Tokyo in order to give his wife some rest. Shinobu’s blindness requires a lot of care from his wife. We were disappointed not to be able to see this godly man. However, we talked with him on the phone and got a short time of fellowship with him.

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Everywhere I look…….


Everybody was up and dancing to the “Every Move I Make” song by the David Crouder Band and the actions in the above picture are part of the lyrics:

“Waves of mercy
Waves of grace
Everywhere I look
I see your face
Your love has captured me
Oh my God
This Love
How can it be?”

These words were certainly true on Friday night at the Coffee House! It was so wonderful to see many people who came to play games, watch skits, listen to music, listen to John’s testimony of how God has worked in his and his wife’s life, dance, or play music. Our hearts were filled with love as we looked upon this special group of people as we did the Limbo, Cha Cha slide, watched David and Elisha perform fun skits, and listened to the Japanese and Americans who formed a quick band in the span of a few short days. We did see God in the face of each individual who attended the Coffee House, and we pray that the joy and delight we have and the truth of God’s love will become a reality for many of these people who do not know God yet.

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A Great Group of Guys

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Coffee House Fun!


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What is American Cooking?

This is a valid question. I am not sure there’s a definitive answer. However chicken, macaroni, and pie seem American to me so that is how the menu progressed. With about twenty other people, all female with the exception of Kazuki, David’s home stay host, all were female. We enjoyed the camaraderie of young and old cooking parmesan chicken, BLT macaroni salad and celebration cream pie. Kathy and Susanna sang beautifully and I shared a short talk about the extravagant love of God and how we can share some of this love by sharing a meal together.

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